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Condominium Law

Association Law Group is well-versed in condominium law in Florida, and we are dedicated to assisting condominium associations in navigating the intricate legal terrain. Our legal team has significant experience and understanding of the Florida Condominium Act and other pertinent laws, positioning us as your primary resource for condominium-related legal matters.

Our Range of Services


Compliance and Governance
We provide comprehensive support to condominium associations to ensure compliance with state and local regulations, mitigating potential legal issues.


Document Drafting and Review
Our firm aids in the creation, modification, and assessment of critical condominium documents, such as bylaws, declarations, and contracts.


Collections and Litigation
Our skilled attorneys excel in collections and, when necessary, can represent associations in court to address disputes or past-due assessments.


Board Education
We offer educational programs and seminars to empower condominium boards with an understanding of their responsibilities, roles, and legal obligations.


Meetings and Elections
We provide guidance to facilitate transparent and legally sound procedures for conducting meetings and elections in the state of Florida.


Property Management
Our legal services extend to property management companies, furnishing legal advice on contracts, compliance, and dispute resolution.

Why Choose Association Law Group


Our attorneys possess extensive experience in condominium law, ensuring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to secure successful legal outcomes.


Tailored Solutions
Recognizing the unique nature of each condominium association, we customize our legal services to align with your specific needs and objectives.


Client-Centric Approach
We prioritize open communication and collaboration, addressing your association's concerns through active engagement and dialogue.


Local Knowledge
Based in Florida, we possess an in-depth understanding of the local legal landscape, affording your association a distinct advantage.

When you select Association Law Group, you choose a devoted partner committed to safeguarding the interests of your condominium association. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and allow us to offer the legal solutions and peace of mind you deserve.

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  • Does ALG handle construction defect matters?
    Unlike other legal firms, we handle such defect situations responsibly by trying to negotiate the client's disputes rather than engaging in extensive and expensive litigation. Our primary goal is always to successfully resolve lawsuits as quickly as possible.
  • In what ways can ALG attorneys assist in loss mitigation?
    ALG attorneys have assisted countless clients in minimizing exposure and other losses by resolving disputes early with insurance companies and claimants.
  • Who does a construction lawyer counsel?
    Our construction lawyer team represents associations and property owners on litigation matters including 558 claims, insurance claims, contract disputes, and other types of property damage.
  • What are the types of disputes handled by homeowner association (HOA) attorneys?
    Homeowner association disputes can include claims by owners, breach of contract, eviction, foreclosure, property maintenance concerns, insurance claims, board member issues, and/or the enforcement of violations, among others.
  • How can a real estate attorney help in foreclosure?
    We have successfully handled thousands of foreclosures for associations, so we understand the process and have collected over $250 million for clients. Our firm also makes sure to recover our associations’ legal fees and costs, in addition to the full amount due in assessments.
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